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About St. George Forane Church, Edathua St. Mary’s Church Koilmukku, renamed as St. George Church Koilmukku, now better known as […]



About Us

About St. George Forane Church, Edathua St. Mary’s Church Koilmukku, renamed as St. George Church Koilmukku, now better known as […]


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Message From Vicar

God is well pleased in saints. They are, indeed true models for us to remain in faith. Even though the Church is not well able to provide much regarding the life of St. George, he is honored throughout the world on account of his unseasing faith and love for Christ, which accomplished in his martyrdom Traditional belief is that he was born at Lidda in Palestine. He is the patron saint of England. In the Middle East, he is known Geevarghese El Khader which means “the living”.

Deacon Theodosius is the first pilgrim who mentioned about the tomb of St. George in A.D 530. Festival of St. George at Edathua is one of the most famous Christian festivals In India which is having the participation of almost 10 lakhs of pilgrims and devotees of St. George. Since 1810 this festival is celebrated from 27th April to 7th May every year and later the celebration is extended to 14th May in the year 1980 at the demand of the devotees. In fact, Edathua is a cradle of religious harmony because of St. George Church, pilgrims of various religions and castes, particularly from southern states of India visit the Church and seek divine blessings through the heavenly mediation of St.George especially during the festival season. Most of the pilgrims who are from distant places stay here for days. St. George Forane Church Edathua is specially blessed by the Almighty God, because “Kerala Assisi” Puthenparampil Thommachen, son of this parish, is canonically declared ‘Servant of God’ by His Grace Mar Joseph Perumthottam, Archbishop of Changanacherry on 29th June 2012. As you all know, he is the first Servant of God from the laity of Kerala Catholic Church. Now pilgrims and devotees visit his tomb in the parish cemetery.The festival here is organized every year in collaboration with various departments of state government, private organizations and entire people of this region. The parish is well prepared to welcome the devotees. This year, there are 36 committees already working for the conduct of festival. This year also we have a massive water proof hangar Pandal with 3500 square meter for housing grand trade fair adjacent to churchyard. It accommodate nearly 225 merchandise stalls. For the last two years the parish organization, “Pithruvedi “and “Mathruvedi” jointly arrange free food as offering during the peak days of festive season. A souvenir shop is opened in the church in this year. In this year of mercy, we are specially gifted by God to have a door of mercy attached to our church.I am very glad to mention that this year we could beautifully renovate the entire churchyard by laying the paving blocks.

I am very happy to wish you all a grace-filled feast of the saint. May the Almighty God bestow His blessings upon all of you Let your prayers be fulfilled through the special mediation of our Heavenly Patron. 

Together with the parishioners I cordially invoke divine blessings.

Yours in Christ